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About Diane.....
As I walked in the woods that April of 1985, the spring after my father's death, something very important happened. I became aware of the green people, the plants flowering so bounteously and joyfully all around me. They called to me and started my healing and continue to support my health in all its aspects to this day.
We are all of this earth with us humans the last to arrive. The plants have been providing their chemical know-how to all sorts of situations and conditions needing their healing and balancing powers long before we came on the scene. For example, a plant can alter its chemistry in as little as 24 hours in response to being eaten by a specific insect! When used in a knowledgeable way, plant medicine is a therapy that works and that we can trust to be naturally balanced and holisitic.
I was trained in Toronto, Ontario, in a 3-year course in clinical herbal therapy offered by Dominion Herbal College. This college, founded in 1926, is the oldest existing herbal college in Canada.  As a student I received instruction in anatomy and physiology, pathology, herbal materia medica, herbal therapeutics, botany, pharmacology, biochemistry, and nutrition. Each student completed 500 hours of hands-on clinical experience in Dominion's student herbal clinic.
I have been making herbal remedies with attention and love since I began my business, Greenwood Botanicals, in 1993.  I either grow the plants organically or harvest them with care in a clean, wild environment. I personally make over 90% of the tinctures (alcoholic extracts), salves and tea blends used in your treatment.
- Diane Tait, Registered Herbalist
No diagnosis is ever made. For a medical diagnosis of your problem, please see your family doctor.
Diane is a professional member of the Ontario Herbalists Association.
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