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Personal Consultations

2019 Herb Class harvesting Calendula flowers for salve-making
*Photo courtesy of Rebecca Fortin

Initial Consultation - $60.00

Repeat Consultation - $30.00

Salves - $7 per 50ml jar

Tinctures - $10 for 50 ml

Dried teas or steams - $2.50 per ounce


My Calendula, Red Clover and Comfrey Salves are for sale to the general public in small amounts. The rest of my products are made exclusively for the use of my clients, family and friends. 


I try to accommodate clients with day and time of appointments



Linda washing roots

Beginner Course in Herbal Remedies

Make and Learn How to Use Your Own Herbal Medicine Chest

Lucy, Ros and Katy

Deborah, Jenn and Sarah. Class of 2017

Tracy, Anne, Diane & Linda. Fall 2015
Beverley digging Burdock Root

This is the 22nd year I will teach this class. Years ago I wanted to offer a hands-on approach to herbal remedy making. I had longed for just such a course while I was learning about herbs. At that time, all that I could find was an excellent video, available through Dominion Herbal College. It was the thesis project of of a student of Master Herbalism at the time. After seeing someone make the remedies, I finally had the confidence to start making and using them myself.


In this course you will learn to recognize and use common, safe herbs. At the end of the course you will have the remedies, course manual and knowledge to be able to safely use your herbal medicine chest. The classes are fun! I love hearing how many of my students have continued making and using their remedies. Some have gone on to take on-line herbal courses or apprentice with other herbalists. My aim is to give people the ability to look after their own health on a day to day basis. It is gratifying to use your own remedies on yourself and perhaps your family, for illnesses we all experience such as colds, flus, coughs, sprains, digestive problems and rashes. Symptoms are relieved because the cause has been removed. Real healing.


In seven one-day classes we will identify, harvest and process medicinal herbs from spring to fall, in the wild or my garden. Learn how to make and use your own salves, herbal extracts and tea blends. Course includes a 55 page manual, plus course materials. Make-up classes may be possible however cannot be guaranteed.


Classes Start Spring 2022

Sundays, 10am - 4pm

Location: North Pickering, Ontario

Cost: $325.00 cdn (Payable in three installments)


Dates are as follows: 


Next classes begin in April 2022!


Instructor: Diane Tait, Registered Herbalist of Greenwood Botanicals

For more information or to reserve your spot, please click on the button below or call: 905-428-7969 

2019 Herb Class harvesting Calendula flowers for salve-making *photo courtesy of Rebecca Fortin
Lucy taking notes
Jane with Blue Vervain
Fall Roots

I have the time and the knowledge to welcome one person into my herb gardens this season. You will learn about 60 different medicinal herbs and get to know them up close and personal! Your time would include some great physical labour as we weed, dead-head and harvest. Spending time in the garden is so good for body and soul!


Please contact me if you are interested...



Garden Apprentice

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